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Glove Info

As both avid cyclers and designers our team has worked together with various forms to research the intersection between fashion and function. Blending the classic cycle aesthetic of a bygone era with the modern functionality demanded by today’s cyclist allowing us to offer a new “classic”

Vintage Aesthetics

- Vintage styled, breathable, hand woven cotton webbed backer (1)
- Soft cotton liner
- Sturdy velcro closure (2)
- Sized Regular and Small fits almost all cyclists (see sizing  info below)

Modern Technology

- Elongated ‘tab’ on wrist for easier fitting of the gloves (3)
- Non slip silicone repeat print for added grip and protection on Vegan “amara” synthetic suede (4)
- Grey Vegan synthetic suede palm on Defraye, Garin and Bottechia Models.  (Soft supply leather on Kubler and Faber models)  (5)


Regular size: Fits hand from 9 to 11 cm in width at (measured across knuckles)
Small size: Fits hands from 7 to 9 cm (measured across knuckles)